About Roobarb Studios

RooBarb Studios was founded  by Roosevelt & Barbara’s daughter, Jody and granddaughter, Abby

Sometimes you go in a direction not realizing where you’re headed. That’s exactly where Jody found herself. “I was a single mom not quite able to make ends meet during the holidays so I made family and friends beaded bracelets as gifts one year”. Popularity rose so she bought more beads and opened up her home on Sunday afternoons to sell the bracelets she made each week. During a metalsmithing class Jody discovered her love for bending silver wire and hand stamping.

“One day my daughter, Abby, who is an electrician by trade, brought me a picture of an aluminum hand-stamped bracelet. I didn’t care much for it but told Abby I’d teach her how to stamp if she wanted to give it a whirl”. Abby’s bangles are one of the most popular jewelry items sold.

Jody and Abby quickly found themselves in the middle of two households totally consumed by hand-stamping, wire-bending, beading, more customers – AND each holding down their full time jobs.

They opened their quaint little shop on Main Street in Downtown Findlay, Ohio. Naming it after Roosevelt and Barbara (Jody’s parents/Abby’s grandparents), RooBarb Studios, Ltd. was established in 2014. Many of the tools used to create the jewelry are tools from Roosevelt’s workshop. The quaint cupboards and display pieces were antiques from Roosie and Barb’s home as well, which creates the feeling of three generations of artisans. Ironically, the shop is located in the same city block where Barb and Roosie lived when they first moved to Findlay.

Roobarb studios

Today . . .
RooBarb jewelry is worn all over the world. Both Jody and Abby have left their “full time jobs” in order to operate RooBarb. Jody has added personalized stationery, fun greeting cards, and event invitations to RooBarb’s inventory, while Abby has incorporated her love of house plants. Another family member, Jody’s son, Will, has joined forces with his sister to “grow” the houseplant side of the business, heading, once again to whatever direction this family’s passions will lead….

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Our Store

520 S Main St, Findlay, OH 45840

Phone: (567) 250-9440


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Tues thru Fri: 11:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Saturday: 10 AM – 4 PM
Sunday: 10 AM – 3 PM
Monday: Closed

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